Cy Taggart

"Swingin' Bluesy Funky Reggae Rock"


The new Chicago Cy Axe
By Eastman Guitars

I use the Eastman for pure acoustic rhythm playing (F Green) and on most of my solo gigs. It is an incredible playing and sounding instrument. Loud as anything I've heard acoustically. Interested in checking it out? Give me a call.


Sega Gitane

With the acoustic trio I have been playing a Saga Gitane. A fine copy of the D hole Maccaferri that the Gypsy Jazz rhythm players use. The George L's pickup sounds great straight into an amp or through a PA. Have a listen to a recording I made using a Boomerang sampler straight into an Alesis Masterlink. Be nice I'm a novice at gypsy jazz.
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I Play a Hohner Archtop on the Duo/Band gigs
I also like home grown Tele's and Strats.


Traynor Tube amps
(old and new)